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Eine großartige Idee!

Die werten Bandkollegen werden sich daran erinnern, dass ich am Samstag vor dem Auftritt die bahnbrechende Idee zu einer außergewöhnlichen Performance hatte. Nach einer etwas längeren Suche im Internet habe ich ziemlich versteckt einen Bericht gefunden, der belegt, das so etwas möglich ist:

I was still feeling sick and just wanted to get out of town and I knew that I couldn’t physically stay and watch the other band, even if they were desperate for an audience. As we finished packing our van, they started playing and it was so loud it rattled all the walls. I just wanted to leave, but Scott went up to the room they were playing in and peeked in the door. He started waving frantically at us.

“Come here! You have to see this!” he yelled.

“No. I’m sick,” I shouted back, stepping into the van. “I can’t handle loud music.”

“But you have to see this! Come here!”

We reluctantly walked up to the door and saw this scene that changed our lives, I swear to God, in Oklahoma City. And may it change yours:

Three people in the audience of a nondescript concrete box, watching a band of three kids dressed in dark clothes playing loud rock music on the stage. One of the kids was playing drums, one of them was playing bass, and one of them was playing guitar…(I would not just make this for the sake of a story)…while hanging upside down from a water pipe near the ceiling. It was absurd. It was ridiculous. It was awesome. He was hanging from the ceiling for the benefit of three people. It was obviously a part of their show that he included whenever the proper ceiling fixtures were in place, and even though the audience was so small this particular night, he still did it. We put a twenty dollar bill in their tip jar and left. The lesson: if your thing is that you hang from the rafters, then you do that thing no matter how many people are in the audience and no matter that you’re in Oklahoma City. You just hang from the rafters and everything else will take care of itself.

Wenn wir also beim nächsten Auftritt von der Decke hängen, dann wisst ihr was los ist... Und dass wir dann ganz groß rauskommen!
13.1.09 21:44


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