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You may ask yourself why the hell this post is in English, BUT I'm not falling back to my not-explainable "Read or Die" thinking. Everything happens for a certain reason: Everyone who is interested in this won't be German anyway, and the ones who are won't die from reading my kind of English.
The cause that I have decompiled nearly every item in The Matrix Online, you can get till level 30 has led me to the consequence that some one is supposed to need it right now. The offer you cannot refuse is this: I'll put up my code archive here and you /tell or better email me in the game what item you want me to code for you. The nick is Campusanis.

I'm not sure if anyone will need this, but I just can't have decompiled all that for nothing. It must have a purpose!!
1.3.06 22:40


E Pluribus Neo

Wanna hear a fanatic? I give you The Kid:

Hi. I'm Michael. People who knew me back from when Neo was around still call me "The Kid"; I guess the name has kind of stuck.

Neo isn't around to lead humanity to freedom any more; he sacrificed himself to make the possibility of that freedom real. I'm working with a group dedicated to following the way Neo opened for humanity--dedicated to freeing everyone from the clutches of the Matrix, not in some far distant time, but starting today. We aren't looking for excuses or truces. We're going out and doing what Neo died for, right now.

We call ourselves "E Pluribus Neo."

I'm betting there are a lot of you out there who'd like to help continue Neo's work with us. That's why we've gone to the lengths required to get this broadcast out to all of you. I ask you to look inside your own conscience. If Neo meant something to you--if you want to see his dream for humanity become a reality--then think about joining us.

Some will want public recognition that they belong to this group. Zion factions wanting to join with us publicly will have the opportunity to make their allegiance clear in their faction name. On the other hand, we understand that many of you are in situations where it would be dangerous for you to declare yourselves openly. Opportunities will still be made available to you.

Seek out our liaison officer on your instance: TaeCross on Recursion, Novalux on Syntax, and Keterina on Vector. They will test you to make sure you have Neo in your heart. If you do, they will welcome you to our group. To those of you who make it, I will just say right now on behalf of myself, our controller Shimada, and everyone continuing Neo's work today:

Welcome to E Pluribus Neo. We have a lot of work to do.

I always liked him and I still do, but he's definately misunderstood something there.

P.S. Since CR 2.0 is soon to come, I won't bother to put up my code archive, just to see all items change in two weeks. Instead, I'm now working on a collection of my screenshots. Expect my faction leader's dark past.
3.3.06 17:07

Psycho MP3

Hab was gebastelt. Wenn ihr noch die passende Hintergrundmucke für mein "Psychospiel" (das übrigens fortgesetzt wird, sobald ich Zeit finde, es abzutippen) sucht, hab ich heute mit meinem G0ILen X5D hier eine Psycho MP3 aufgenommen.
Ich weiß, sie ist billig, aber: wirkungsvoll.
Auch als Hypnosemittel verwendbar.


Achja: Lautsprecher ein bisschen lauter drehen, sonst ist es ein bisschen leise.
20.3.06 22:42


Großer Gott ey...
Achtung, dieses Bild hier ist nicht gefaket oder irgendiwe behandelt! Diesen Banner habe ich tatsächlich eben auf MSN gesehen!!

24.3.06 17:56


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